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Technology for events

dos personas compartiendo poken
Gather people, companies and moments in the simplest, fastest and most fun way.

Poken Poken is the new personal and professional presentation card, through which people can collect digital information instantly, without depending on the internet connection or a PC to make the exchange effective.

Through Poken you can see the contact information: Profile, social networks and activities. Each time a “touch” is made with another Poken and the green light is turned on, each device will count in its database with all the information that the contact has loaded in its personal poken.

All the collected will be automatically placed in the timeline of the digital agenda, the PokenHUB. Each update, change or modification of a profile will be updated instantly, without the need to redo Poken again. If you cannot chat, use cell phones, write messages, there’s enough time to do Poken! Poken has already expanded to more than 50 countries. The Networking Revolution for events that raged in the United States and Europe arrives in Argentina !.

– It allows you to maintain a contact through the years.
– Designs with youthful style and corporate style.
– The storage of information is completely safe and is automatically updated.
– Up to 400 contacts can be stored and information can be downloaded to a computer.
– If you want to know about some person, and you can not contact her or start a conversation: Poken does.
– It is registered in more than 30 social networks.
– They are business cards
– They are perfectly customizable with the logo of your company or brand.
– The PokenHUB timeline allows you to find contacts, even if you do not remember their name or their origin.
– They protect the environment!