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Brand management at the point of sale

In a market as competitive as the current one, the consumer not only takes into account the name of the brand or the perceived quality of a product to make its purchase decision. It is important to take into account the situation of the point of sale, to differentiate from competitors.
At AV we enhance the image of your product and transmit the experience of your brand in the environment where 80% of purchases are decided.
Our service includes

Comprehensive advice to the PDV: Trade marketing, decoration, research, benchmarking, price control, relationship and updated reports and analyzes.
Fullfillment of merchandising: Inventory management, POP and promotional material.
Online reports: Through the online platform, clients can access, with total confidentiality, the reports. The information of Sale, stock, POP and actions of the competition is constantly updated from the information collected by the promoters and merchandisers

The team at PDV
Thought according to the characteristics of each project, it is based on four main concepts:

– Excellence training
– Permanent motivation
– Image
– Performance evaluation
Its members fulfill two roles

Promoters: Responsible for the brand image, relationship and survey of the general situation of your brand in the POS, based on your solid sales and negotiation knowledge.
Merchandisers: Focused on the quality of product presence in the PDV to achieve an efficient geographic coverage, emphasizing the aesthetics and the relationship with staff and management, and an excellent distribution and exhibition of POP material.