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We are certain that people are the main value of a company.
As specialists in incentives and loyalty, we create motivational experiences that generate changes in the attitude of key people for the fulfillment of business objectives.
Through our experience we know the steps necessary to ensure the success of incentive programs, motivation, recognition and loyalty, both in Argentina, and throughout the region.

What are non-monetary incentives?

Incentives are modern management tools used to achieve certain goals in a company, recognizing the participants that comply with the slogan with different reward alternatives.

Why carry out an incentive campaign?

HARD OBJECTIVES – Increase sales. – Introduce a new product. – Increase productivity. – Develop new markets. – Win new customers. – Improve distribution. – Reduce the delinquency of the client. – Support promotions.

SOFT OBJECTIVES – Reduce work accidents. – Reduce claims. – Improve the product mix. – Improve customer service. – Reduce discounts without losing sales. – Retain the best employees.

Who to incentivize?
Sellers, promoters, administrative employees, production personnel, wholesale and retail customers, distributors and consumers are incentivized to devote greater attention and preference to the products and services of your company. If you are thinking about encouraging your own staff, keep in mind that the lack of recognition is the main reason why an employee leaves a company. At AV we can propose a recognition or motivation plan that will ignite the flame of self-improvement and group or individual motivation.