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Our audit area aims to present all the necessary information to facilitate decision-making regarding policies at the point of sale. Whether through quality audits or incognito, with our mystery shoppers teams, we provide you with a current picture of the situation in the POS.

Mystery Shoppers:

– Live the sales experience from the eyes of the customer
– Audio and video recording of each visit.
– Presential or telephone.
– Get a real and current picture of the situation in the POS.
– Detect critical points to correct in the attention.
– Measure the effectiveness of your marketing and training plans.
– Know the true position of your brand in the POS.
– Benchmarking: discover the actions of your competitors.
– Fidelize your commercial channel by rewarding good practices on the spot.
– Obtain accurate and objective reports.

– Presential or telephone.
– Audits of customer satisfaction.
– Quality audits.
– Image audits.
– Price reports.
– Analysis of the information.
– Gratification.